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Fortune Soya Chunks

Fortune Soya Chunks is the only 100% vegetarian source of the 9 'essential' amino acids. The wonder nuggets are super soft, delightfully delectable, easy to digest, and good for everyone in the family. In addition to proteins, they provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber for growing children; help in reducing weight because of their low fat content; reduce bad cholesterol; and promote bone health.

Soya Chunks cutlets in the morning are delicious, filling and a healthy way to start the day. At noon Soya Chunks Pulao gives energy to excel in every endeavour, be it studies or sports. Soya Chunks potato balls in the evening satiate hunger pangs and revitalises the body and Soya Chunks vegetable Korma at night is a healthy way to end the day. A meal which is light on the stomach and provides essential nutrients while you sleep.


SKU’s: 200 gm & 1 kg

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