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Quality Assured By Parisudham, the best Coppra Dealers in Kerala

As the best cold pressed virgin coconut oil manufacturer in Kerala, Quality is one principle that is embedded in our everyday business activities. The administration and all employees at Parisudham are firmly committed to this concept. We are proud to offer high-quality products for our customers and throughout the production process, each product passes through various stages. At every level, quality control is a key activity, from the choice of raw materials to the final packaging and delivery. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and products that are second to none. It is this adherence to high standards of quality, that Parisudham has been awarded ISO 22000-2005 certification in quality standard and is known as the best coppra dealers in Kerala.

In Our organic Coconut Farm

In addition to upholding purity and quality requirements during the manufacturing process, Parisudham also uses manure in our organic coconut farm in Kanyakumari Dist to manage waste.

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